Detailed consultation on clients globle asset stragity 

Personalized portfolio evaluations

Specifically tailored recommendations 

Exclusive market research and analysis 

Buying and selling of clients tangible assets

A few reasons 


You wouldn't leave your stock portfolio to chance, why would you do that with your investments in gold, silver or rare coins?


There are many factors that you may not be aware of that could increase your profit potential greatly.


If you have an interest in rare coins the concept of just buying anything someone calls you with is a very poor way to buy and can lead to mistakes you definitely cannot afford.


Mayfield's never tries to hard-sell you anything. We give you the information you need to make good, educated decisions and then work with you to maximize your investment. 

CEO Profile


Joseph Roy
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Consult Us


Give Mayfield's a call at 985-590-7029 for your free consutation. You can't afford to not have the protection of tangiable assets and you can't afford to leave your portfolio to chance.

Joe is a 25 year veteran of the tangible asset markets. He has innovated many standard concepts used today in the building of rare coin portfolios and is currently one of the top gold, silver and rare coin market researchers in the nation. He has consulted for many very well known brokerage companies and predicting the rise of gold and silver with-in months of its break from the $380 trading range. Joe has built his success on the concept of person to person relationships with an eye for specific customer needs. Joe recognized that gold, silver, and rare coin investments need the same care and management as any other investment. He also recognized that understanding a customers needs and goals is key to recommending what products a client should obtain. 

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