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Anyone can sell you a coin but very few companies do much for you after you have bought it. The most common mistake an investor makes when buying or selling coins is not using a firm like Mayfield's that is invested in your success. This is no different than any field of investing in that some firms are built with service in mine, where others are purely sales driven. You can guess which company will preform the best for you. What we have learned by being in this business for many years, is that by offering the client real options for trading their assets in a timely fashion those clients are far more successful and tend to remain loyal clients for many years.


Mayfield’s Bullion & Rare Coin Company provides a trading platform that makes buying and selling your coins very easy. We contact our clients during rises in the market in order to give them timely selling opportunities. There are often times we get special deals in bulk that contain coins you may want. We offer these special opportunities to our current clients, not to new prospects for name acquisition.

United State Gold Eagle


The U.S. Gold Eagle is a standard Bullion coin issued by the United States mint. This is the most popular bullion coin sold in the country today and is very liquid. 


Ron Guth: In 1986, the United States began striking gold and silver bullion coins to compete with world bullion coins such as the Canadian Maple Leaf, the South African Krugerrand, and others.  The value of these coins was intended to be tied directly to their metal value, although in some cases (where mintages were low) a collector market has developed.  The bullion value of these coins far outstrips their face value.


Known as "American Eagles" because of the family of eagles on the reverse, U.S. gold bullion coins are available in Uncirculated and Proof versions, as well as in a number of different sets.  Proof coins may be ordered by the general public directly from the Mint.  Uncirculated coins are distributed by selected representatives, who then make them available to the secondary market.

From 1986-1991, the date was shown in Roman numerals; from 1992 on, Arabic numerals are used.


The obverse of the U.S. gold bullion coins follows the artistic design created by Augustus Saint-Gaudens for the $20 Gold Double Eagles issued from 1907-1933, inclusive.  Miley Busiek created the reverse design.


The metal content of each denomination consists of 22 Karat gold (.9167% pure). This coins has one troy oz of 24 Karat Gold in it but is alloyed for the purpose of making it harder and more durable.



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